Sofi Needs a Ladder (Feat.Sofia Toufa)


Let's play musical chairs,
One of my favorite games
Especially now that you
And I have traded place
You walk around in shoes
That don't fit for a change
There is no way for
You to win this race...

Criss cross and turn
Your shirt inside out
You like to think I can't figure
You out, but the tables have turned
What goes around comes around,
You're about to get burned
Flip the script, you're checking in,
I'm checking you out...

You're just too sweet till you get
On my nerves and hurt like cavity
You left a bad taste in my mouth,
My Sour Patch Kid
You and me, it's no mystery,
No magic trick
Let me hear this broken record again,
Just press repeat...

I can be your new favorite waste of time,
And you'll be mine
All I want is your attention,
It's all the same thing
Are you in? What's it gonna be?
Don't roll with the punches,
Make it hard for me, baby...

Drop you like a needle on the record,
Scratch my itch
Watch you walk in circles, hit the beat
Drop you like a needle on the record,
Flip my switch
Go around in circles, hit the beat...