Potshot Heard Round The World

Dead Kennedys

Hey! yo! We're the united states marines
We know you've all been killing each other
For at least two thousand years but
We're here now to protect the family
Of christian heroin warlords most friendly
To the west so you knock off this fighting
Or we'll tell mom ever notice news is staged
Like tv wrestling shows with reagans and
Khaddafis cast as cartoon villains and heroes
Or those wildlife "documentaries" where a lion
From a zoo kills a deer tied down ahead of time
At the perfect camera angle when lemmings balk
At dying for disney they're just hurled off the cliff...
We are gathered here today to take photos of
The president pretending to mourn these brave
Young me who came home from beirut gift-wrapped
In body bags-a truck bomb blew them to bits
We knew they were sitting ducks we sacrificed 'em,
Aztec style so we could use their dead meat
To cook up war fever back home so make sure
You take lots of pictures and slant your news
Our way just like in wild kingdom we first
Tied down the prey we want people boiling
For revenge in their living rooms so we can
Go play shoot-em-up anywhere we choose and
Our backers can cash in without
The public asking questions...