Dawn Richard

How out this life living like this
bitches f*cking perfect ..
why forget his eye
they use to be a heart in here
to me how could anything survive
just can't be instead oh
like a ..that I play the part
I raise my heart I feel so when I'm loving you
I can't, I can't
'cause I'm nothing kind of gush that gonna let you go with you
that gonna let you do that

Sorry if you think, if you think I'm automatic
f*cking with the wrong toy no matter what ..
tryin to turn me on 'cause you think I'm automatic
trip me like a toy 'cause you think I'm automatic
enjoy 'cause you think I'm automatic
trip me 'cause you think I'm automatic
auto automatic, 'cause you think I'm automatic
auto automatic, 'cause you think I'm automatic yeah

You call me your..possession show me of your life
I'm your..what you say oh no
I let ..f*ck my vision
with the world as a cold ..
yes my..
boy you don't love it
till my heart is too..
shut me down, down with you ..
switch em off I wanna be human yeah
I give, I give till I recognize my..
I can, I can anything to recognize my old thing go is the overloaded 'cause I love to feel that

[2x Chorus:]

shade in the summer..for a piece of reality
'cause under this metallic ..human being
..f8ck you take my ..
I'm done that I'm short than that


I don't give a thing about you
I'ma do em you gonna do you
I ain't automatic
so let's be true
so let's be true