Easy Love

David Nail

Come on girl, don't it feel good to you
Like a watermelon ripe on your lips
Somethin' 'bout the way you look at me, made me lose my breath

Radio, window down, sing to me
Every word, every note, every touch
In a world gettin' harder baby, it's an easy love

So, come on, let's get high like a whippoorwill
Shine bright like a summer sun
Feel the heat in between
Yeah, it tastes so sweet
Just like when we were young
It's an easy love

Carolina come on and carry me
To that honeysuckle heaven you hold
Get lost in the feel of forever
And don't let it go

We can sway to the sound of the river
Scream every note at the top of our lungs
Oh yeah, don't it come so natural baby, this easy love

Repeat Chorus x2

Yeah, it's an easy love

How your tan lines shine, I can never resist
Still feels like the first every time we kissed
How your long brown hair flying 'round to the beat
Just like we were seventeen
It's an easy love
Oh, it's an easy love