Catch You While I Can

David Nail

When the rooms are crowded eyes will wander
Never knowing what they'll find
I came in waiting on another
Now you're all that's on my mind

Beneath a chorus of conversation
What no one else can see
Is a gamble between two strangers
That's taken a hold of me

So, let go of your halo
Break free for a while
Tell me that you're ready
And into the night
Wrong or right
Before it slips right through our hands
Let me catch you while I can

My courage rises, I walk over
Your curled smile calms me down
Words come easy, I keep you laughing
I should stop but I don't know how

Repeat Chorus

When the midnight turns into daylight, maybe we'll both move on
But who knows, maybe tomorrow lonely will be long gone
Be long gone

Repeat Chorus

Let me catch you while I can