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Eletronica, House

Goodbye Friend (feat. The Script)

David Guetta

The colours will change
I love every shade of you
Don't lose your faith
Keep walking out you do

Don't you say that wasn't worth
All the pain and all the hurt
You're going through
(and) I'll always be with you

Goodbye friend
No, this is not the end
Just go your way
Somewhere we'll meet again

Hold on to the moments we shared
Those are the chances
That once you'll be back
Goodbye friend...


The world's just a place
That we're only passing through
Heaven awaits
Those that keep marching through
Don't you say that loving lost
Wasn't worth the pain it cost you're going through
Cause I'd take it all for you

Goodbye friend
No, this is not the end
Lift up your head
Somewhere with me again
Or until the moments be shared
Those are the treasures that won't disappear
Goodbye friend
Friend, friend, friend, friend


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Album: Listen (2014)
Gravadora: What A Music, Parlophone
Ano: 2014
Faixa: 5
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