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David Guetta

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David Guetta

I'm hurting deep inside
And it's like that always
The passion was not ours to keep (to keep)
The feelings justified
You're giving me this heartache
Rejection comes in and cuts so deep (so deep)
Now everywhere I turn
All my bridges burn
Why can't you see all I need come set me free

'Cause I still can feel you always
My love can heal you always
It too can heal you always
Alright, always
I still can feel it always
I still believe it always
I can't conceal it always

Everywhere I go, it's like you're there beside me
Possession makes my heart pretend, pretend
Cause I just can't let go
Why did love ever find me
To give affection once again
But too late
I feel I tried inside
With all of my pride
Why can't you see all I need come set me free


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Album: Pop Life (2007)
Gravadora: Virgin
Ano: 2007
Faixa: 11
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