Shake It

David Bowie

I feel like a sail-boat
Adrift on the sea
It's a brand new day
So when you gonna phone me

I could take you to heaven
I could spin you to hell
But I'll take you to New York
It's the place that I know well

Sitting on a flagstone talking to a faceless girl
Wondering what to say but my eyes do the talking so well

I duck and I sway - what's my line
Shoot at a full moon - what's my line
What's my line - shake it baby

Cause love is the answer
Love's talking to me
I'd scream and I'll fight for you
You're better than money

We're the kind of people who can shake it if we're feeling blue
When I'm feeling disconnected well I sure know what to do
Shake it baby

Album: Let's Dance (1983)
Ano: 1983
Faixa: 8
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