Sell Me A Coat

David Bowie

La la la la la la, la la la la la la la
A winter's day, a bitter snowflake on my face
My summer girl takes little backward steps away

Jack Frost took her hand and left me, Jack Frost ain't so cool

Sell me a coat with buttons of silver
Sell me a coat that's red or gold
Sell me a coat with little patch pockets
Sell me a coat 'cause I feel cold

And when she smiles, the ice forgets to melt away

Not like before, her smile was warming yesterday
See the trees like silver candy, feel my icy hand

See my eyes, my window pane
See my tears like gentle rain
That's a memory of the summer day

[CHORUS (twice)]
La la la la la la [repeat]

London Boy
Album: London Boy
Gravadora: Universal Music International Ltda.
Ano: 2015
Faixa: 15
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