David Bowie

I wish I was smarter
I got so lost on the shore
I wish I was taller
Things really matter to meBut I put my face in tomorrow
I believe we're not alone
I believe in Beatles
I believe my little soul has grown
And I'm still so afraid
Yes, I'm still so afraid
Yea, I'm still so afraid on my own
On my ownWhat made my life so wonderful?
What made me feel so bad?
I used to wake up the ocean
I used to walk on cloudsIf I put faith in medication
If I can smile a crooked smile
If I can talk on television
If I can walk an empty mile
Then I won't feel afraid
No, I won't feel afraid
I won't be
Be afraid

Album: Heathen
Gravadora: Iso/Columbia
Ano: 2002
Faixa: 5
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