Go Back To The Gym

Darked Hour

Does it make you feel big and strong
To flex your muscles in between songs?
Well, this one... don't sing along
Because this show will go on without you?

You don't care about this, so there's the door.
You feel like shit, so you've come to settle the score.

Is scoring all that you know,
Or did you mistake this for monday night football
Grab a beer, hit the couch and feel alone,
Because this show will go on without you.


Sunday matinees have never seemed the same
Since you turned our hardcore shows into a football game.
But you're not the only one to blame,
Because we sat back for so many years
and watched you play all your stupid tough-guy games
We took your shit and now we're lying in it.

It's time to make a change...MAKE IT FUCKIN' CHANGE
If there's 200 kids and only there total dicks,
Which of us do you think should get to say?