Judas 1 - Dancing With The Devil

Dark Sky

Strange ideas inside my head betrayal on my mind. I pleased the priests with promises. Their money made me blind. Satan whispered all the words I've said. But I don't get the feeling I've done something bad.

Judas - I bow my head down to the ground. Judas - My thoughts are turning round and round.

But I ain't gonna cry 'cause you will never die. The high priests gonna lose whatever they try.

I'm dancing with the Devil - Can't stop and can't change my mind. I was heading for Heaven - No regret for my delight. I'm still dancing... Hey Lord, I still have no doubt. I was heading... Can't wait to see your kingdom coming out.

Since I did agree to give my brother in their hands I'm pretending innocence but looking for a chance. No one ever should know about my deal it's just a kiss at the passover meal.

Judas... I'm dancing... Can't stop and can't change my mind. I was heading... There's no regret for all of my delight. No regret for my delight but I won't get the brightness of your light.