Flossie Dickey Bounce

Dance Gavin Dance

Cocaine Cringe Fest...

Ooh wow you're looking dirty need a champagne shower now
Lay down Let's see if we can get the lipstick to come out

I know just the thing the thing to say,
I got just the just the song to play
Free your mind from the from the cage
I can talk a mile a minute

Cracked out, snap out of it
I dont care im in it
Cracked out snap out of it
Mo blow... wow!

We tried, no luck, it's all right
trust me honey you look fine
I'll just walk around the city telling chickens that I'm pretty and I'd love for them to meet my wife

And if we move too slow
Let it rot decay and decompose
If we just let it flow
The fairy dust could tap out
'Cause I'm a rolling stone
Never been tied down in one place too long
King of the lonely road
It's all I've ever known
Make your move tonight
Close your eyes don't fight it anymore
And when the sun comes up we won't be wondering what could have been, should have been
Make your move tonight
Make your move tonight