Chocolate Jackalope

Dance Gavin Dance

Young enough to feel it
Young enough to feel it
My body's young enough to feel this

Young enough to feel it
My body rolls
My body rolls

I could see it gleaming from the back of my dinner ware
Your eye cream sprayed all over little bear
you could reconsider defintion of childcare
14 shapes and you pick the giant square

I couldn't face the fact
that my ass ain't a plaque
theres a wall and my behind is not there

I couldn't wait to tap
Into the brain of my cat
And let him know, he's my widdle baby meow meow boo

Up in the casino
Ain't no doubt I'm bout to let it all go
You used to call me on my cell phone
But now you're petting all my friends for sure

Since 2005 I've been living a lie
I'm not even a man I'm just a cat in disguise
I was born by suprise in the Egyptian times
Bring me a treat, and I'll imprint your face forever

And I
I just want to be in my zone
I just want to be in control
No time for you
And God
Doesn't have a plan for me
Gonna be who I'm gonna be
No thanks to you

I fuck them bright clothes
The white guy guy code
burnt all the bridges
its just a pile of wood

I couldn't wait though
Admit I ate those
Book flavored pavement endorphin tongues

Shy fiction cloud
Absorbing pictures
Appearance shining
Eclipse a culprit ear intake
A pillaplipton mixed in soap
And whipped in dear face cloak
To steep me peefers with needle bop

I think of things that I haven't done
Packer Willita Tilly Billy block blood

Don't let go
I know you want a little more
Don't be gross and I'll be good to you
Call my phone
I know you want a little more
Let it flow
I can be good to you
You and I
We can linger under starlit skies
Help me survive