Colors (Feat. Mike Posner)

Cris Cab

[Verse One: Cris Cab]
She keeps it on the top shelf
All of her makeup and disguises, what they’re seeing
Not too confident with herself
She can’t take it, always had a funny feeling
Nobody wants to fall apart, she tries to be somebody
They said she could never be
To find out what’s inside her heart
She’s still searching for identity

[Hook: Cris Cab]
Yesterday’s come and gone
Your actions always follow you
Don’t matter what you’ve done
They see your colors shining true
They see your colors shining true
They see your colors shining true

[Verse Two: Mike Posner]
There’s nothing on the top floor
Black car, yellow diamonds, triple beaming
Keeps the purple in the Swisher, Swisher
They say they love his brown eyes, they don’t mean it
Go rogue cause he thought it was cool
Yellow Tail, no ? for a party of two
They say he’s on them red pills and it’s probably true
But it’s fucked, all that green never got him as blue


[Verse Three: Cris Cab]
Every single day you’ve got to find your way
The sun is setting but at least you stood your ground today
And when the pressure’s on, and all your friends are gone
Oh, look at you shine
Life moves quickly, sometimes you lose track
By the time you turn 50, you don’t wanna look back
Everybody get with me, Miami’s where I’m at
Let me see you throw your hands in the sky