We Just Wanted Freedom


You can bring us down
but you're listening now.
We've heard it all before.
You're not happy how things turned out,
but it's our band and not yours.
It's funny how we're friends until one of us succeeds,
but you can't take back what you said
so here's these lyrics to read.

We just wanted freedom from a label,
control and contracts,
and write for what we believe in.
Is that too much to ask?

The words of hate only show their pain
that they can't seem to escape.
They say what they need to say,
but they're never face to face.

We knew some couldn't keep
their opinions to themselves.
Did you think it would help?
Not from you or anyone else.
So you've made yourself no different,
from the ones that sit alone
and express their hate from behind a screen
in the comfort of their homes.

Your words mean nothing to me
'cause lions don't lose sleep
over the opinions of sheep.