Minimum Day

Cold War Kids

Remember when I saw a
movie bout the rapture
strange seventies, zombie movie eschatology
one day the nonbelievers
woke to alarm clocks
empty houses barking dogs
half the human race was gone

oh! the minimum day
the minimum day took them away

I left feeling terrified
ripped me a new behind
what happens to the people
on a plane if the pilot might
spontaneously disappear
when it goes down for real
the motherless babies
and the quixotic teenagers cry

once upon a time
even tom needed proof
and peter would sell you out
deep down judas was a sweet kid
james had the nerve to ask you for a vip
i look around and say
on my hands no i can't hide em
on my knees
might as well just lay down and die

oh! the minimum day
the minimum day
take me away

now i'm all grown up
i see the scare tactic
to get the kids to obey
the grand inquisitor say
a gun to the back make a
happy man march
but neil young hit the mark with
only love can break your heart