Im Up In The Bank (Feat.The Dream)


Killa [x8]

I don't buy nothin less than 20z
I don't lend nothin less findiz
You know , prada , gucci , louis
You know channel Loui b
You know I aint the one the flaws but I keep you
In a lot tox so but can you low a 100 grand and 50 minutes
Yeah I thought so
And while you gettin on a high pitch
Talk so you can remind me of your bro
You need to stop actin all funny
And stop thinkin about me and think about your money

I'm up in the bank [x6]
Gettin payed
I'm up in the bank [x6]
Gettin payed

Questin 1 [x2]
What have you made on your job
Last year multiplyed by *10 and I'm spend that in the mall
See , I try to be humble but they be hatin on buy hatin on fly hatin on I
And they don't even know why ?
See what you doin looks so mean

See what doin its not fimilur ther suround me every day
Minding my buisnes .....