End of a Knife


They always tell me that I'm colder than ice
But try ya best to not get caught in the hype
Cause I could give you back control of your life
Ya betta handle me with caution, caution
You try to mess wit me you gon' pay the price
I do my dirt and then I'm gone in the night
Don't try to tell me that I'm wrong when I'm right
Cuz I ain't really with the talkin', ya walking into the end of a knife

[Verse 1]
I wasn't really doin' much
But chillin' in the kitchen
Layin' in the cut you know, playing my position
Watchin' the Superbowl, really that's like tradition
And then that's when I had a vision
What I did to my old girl
Look at it how it's dripping off of your curls
If I say any more they probably gon' hurl
I'll summarize it by sayin' it's a cold world, a cold world
All I can tell you is I knew I cut her off, you could say it was destined
One day I saw her getting fresh with one of her X men
That's when I disappeared and she was definitely stressing
Now she's guessing but I guess that'll teach her a lesson
I been sharp baby and you know your reflection
We'll shine like me soon as we make a connection
I'm laughin' at whoever told you sex is a weapon
Go and get some protection it ain't gonna help when
She let me get in them guts, oops I'm saying too much
When I'm stroking it's love, when I'm poking it's lust
Every time that we touch it is such a beautiful rush
We can turn me to us and together be dangerous


[Verse 2]
I wasn't really doing much
But chillin' in the kitchen
Layin' in cut you know, playing my position
Choppin' up with the homey about to make me some fixins
Lend me your ear it's time to listen
Cuz now I've got a roommate
A lazy roommate that always went to school late
An athlete but his temper wasn't too great
He's normally cool but sometimes he's such a 2 face, and too fake
Pay attention I was on my protein and my oatmeal thing
My eating healthy got me feeling so real thing
Heard a knock, another knock, and then the doorbell rang
A beauty queen, damn I ain't have a chance to get clean
Look how she walked in, noticed her pretty skin
Minimal mascara, devilish little grin
Didn't know what to say, didn't know where to begin
She wasn't here for me and she only came here for him
Was dressed like she had recently just got out of church
She pulled some purple evidence up out of her purse
Another woman's underwear, you know what's worse
It's the same girl that I mentioned in my first verse
That's when she cursed at my patna, yelling bout what she saw
Asking him 'bout some lingerie that she found in her car
I'm sitting back and I'm watchin, just trying not to get involved
That's when I heard her say that she was ready to break the law
A tricky situation I was currently facing
The roommate or ya soul mate whose side are you taking
I wasn't saying nothing, I was watching and waiting
She's yelling and pacing and now she's adjacent
To me, I was standing there quietly
He started yelling when she tried to get behind me
Then he put up his dukes like he thought he was Ali
You swing at me they'll have to hook you to an IV
Naw, matter fact you better say you know karate
Ya family gonna have to come and get ya body
Before you try me you better find a hobby
Or you better go find a job like Martin said to Tommy
I'm not the type that you should ever try to get close to
Matter fact you should run you ever see me approach you
And now this loser talking like he trying to get vocal, I'm like
Don't you, have me in here bout to go postal
Ooh say it again then you gon' say a prayer
I'm gon' send you to heaven and you can say it up there
This ain't a dare it's promise and I'll say I swear
I don't care, I bet that you won't say I'm scared


[Verse 3]
I wasn't really doing much
Now I know he's wishing
I wasn't in the cut
He gon' need some stitching
I didn't wanna do it
Told you you wouldn't listen
She's the one who gave me permission
I knew that it was evil but it made me feel dope
The way she got me feeling I think we should elope
She reached around my body then she pulled me real close
She rubbed me on the face and said it's time to get ghost
Your wish is my command, you rollin' I'm rollin' wit' ya
You say it's time to split, don't worry I get the picture
She grabbed me by the wrist, If I could I would kiss ya
In all the chaos I didn't get to tell you I miss ya

I was thinking bout the cut, Like my mind was missing
Sitting in the car, You know playing my position
She drove up to the cliff and- wait, hold up, wait
She said somebody's going fishing, Hold up
But I just ended a life
This how we're ending the night
Oh well, you wasn't even my type
Wait, is this, the end of the knife