Bet You Wont


I bet you won’t
I bet you won’t
I bet you ,I bet you ,I bet you ,I bet you

Man these rappers ain’t saying nothing
Every verse is a damn lie
Your position is pro voice
My position is anti
Swear they tellin these stories to you
These rappers full of that mantie
Can’t stop me they can try
But I’m winning up by that landslide

Y’all worse than that tie tanning
Get a ship but it won’t sail
Y’all posting on snitchagram
Why you saying you don’t tell
These boys they got no stamps
They don’t really touch no mail
I’m still trying to get super poster
Still fill up under her oh well

All talking like he the man
Y’all softer than Peter Pan
So many fish in my fishtank
And my crib she talking about eating in
Call me up sure be to spend
Got money treating pass me your lamb
And you hope you don’t meet again
And my knuckles probably gonna beat your chin

Get it off for my plan A
Never needed that B row
I ain’t even never shared a deal
When anybody ever said peace out
Made a hit with my freestyles
They ain’t talking about free now
They always told me that money talks
So I always got it on speed dial

I’m trying to work she trying to play
Treat the bank just like a hotter wave
And I’m showing up just like a holiday
But I’m back to work I’m not trying to stay
My money day is my kind of day
Very large is my kind of pay
Tell avado I’m not the best
I bet he was fond of you cayate

Wonder why I’m ahead of them
Talking down then I ended them
They try to say that they on your side
But switch back and forth just like pendulums
Bought your strap and extended ‘em
New cars when they rented them
Our old schools look so cool
That you probably thought we invented them

Steal a heart but I’m not thief
Star snatching is so weak
You ain’t gotta thank me for it
Just show respect to my OG
I drop it off in your OD
Veteran but I’m cold beat
They keep saying I don’t drop
So might drop another in 4 weeks

Chamilitary go so beast
Freestyle on your beats
Gotta take it out of my 2 hands
And that’s the reason it don’t leak
2 businesses out of state
No card that’s out of date
I’ve been stuntin on ‘em since ’98
If you tryin’ to hate then you kinda late

Hit Brazil and take frequent trips
Groupies all on that freaky tip
Say goodnight and then take a flight
When I disappear you can’t keep a chip
Let me tell you how deep it get
This is more about keeping it
Take a pocket then strippen it
Then I put the profit down deep in it

Your girl talking about orgies
Rather go get more G’s
Duplicate how I rep the state
We need less of them and need more of me
Spit a verse then it’s for a free
Tryin to do it before hopefully
No trick or treat in my clickazie
And I’m feeling like it’s your boy D

Sip patrone while they copy
Call me up and say papi
Knowing that I might store so they tryna
Block me like we play hockey
Pocket got me like greskie
Where the hell is my SB
I use sandboat to that paper
Going go and tell them come catch me

Don’t talk about financials
Tell me what your man do
Unless you got your own dough
And you make enough cash to brag to
Hope your rent ain’t pass due
Hope your shape is natural
Can’t say you’re a model
Even if that shit was in your bathroom

Why everybody got to be the same
Every group got to be a game
Every rapper got to be a rapper
And every rapper got to be a lame
Love my jewelry that’s cool
She gonna catch a bad flu
But if my wrist ain’t sick enough
Then my whip gonna make her hat you

Everything happen for a purpose
Obvious they didn’t mean your verses
Every verse that y’all spit is worthless
And they couldn’t pay me to give you a purchase
Every verse they say Cham is ripping
Say it’s false if they tell you different
I’m still a jordan grand and a pimp
Up man your scripts don’t have me trippin