After all this time
You still couldn’t recognise
That your problem lies within
In a vicious circle
Can you tell me why
Why you’ve thrown it all away
Cos it makes no sense to me
Why you wouldn’t listen

Watching you decline
What were you expecting
I can’t save you from yourself
When you don’t want saving
It’s on your head
Don’t point the finger point the blame
Cos the warning signs were clear
You just wouldn’t listen

I know it hurts
Tried to help to ease your pain
I know these words
They won’t mean anything
I hope it hurts
You’ve only got yourself to blame
And I can’t take this anymore
I’m over it
So over it

Breathe in breathe out
I feel it coming round again
Breathe in breathe out
Don’t wanna ride your carousel
Breathe in breathe out
Don’t know how much more I can take
Breathe in breathe out
Just stop cos I'm about to break