The Cruel Ship''s Captain

Bryan Ferry

The boy to me was bound apprenticed
'Cause his parents they were poor
So I took him from St. James' workhouse
All for to sail on the Greenland shore...

One day this poor boy he did annoy me
Nothing to him then did I say
But I rushed him to my frozen yardarm
And I kept him there 'til the very next day...

When his eyes and his teeth hang before me
With his hands and his feet down bowed
And with a tarry gasket there I killed him
For I would not hear his cries below
I wouldn't hear his cries below...

Now all you sea captains that go out a-navyin'
Take a fair advice by me
Don't abuse your young apprentice boys aboard
Because its hanged that you'd surely be
Or else it's hanged that you'd surely be
Yes it's hanged that you'd surely be...