(Verse 1)
There’s too much of this noise
Boy, let`s get a seat
So you can talk sweet to me
I see these other boys
Won`t you get me at the dance floor?
Maybe like, buy me drinks

Movin’ so sexy
Guy, I wonder why
We could have some fun, so don`t be shy

Baby, just enjoy
What`s on your mind
Party and have a good time

It's getting hectic in here
It's getting chaotic
I'm rockin' and rollin'
No stoppin'
We`re goin' until it's over

Do you like the way I rock it?
Boy, I think it's so chaotic

I'm wild, I'm on fire
(Burnin' up the dance floor)
Turn it up higher, wild like a tiger
(Tell me, do you want more?)

Everybody, blink your lights
Party from the left to right

Oh, I'm on fire
Oh, I'm on fire
(Burnin' up the dance floor)
Do you like the way I rock it?
Boy, It's Chaotic

(Verse 2)
There’s too much of the sound
I`m on the prowl
So please, don't turn me down
I`m having so much fun
And being done, I'm gonna tell you now

The D.J. is my friend, so let's begin
I`m gonna do my dance until the end
Baby, just get down
Let's paint the town
Everybody here's getting wild

(Chorus x2)

Look at what you do to me
Melt it down for all to see
I can't help it
No, I can`t
Burn it down so we can dance
Look at what you made me do
I can't get enough of you
Turn me in and turn me out
Just don't put the fire out

(Chorus x2)