Talk About Our Love (feat. Kanye West)


What you hear this time
Go on and speak ya mind
I know somebody's lying
It's always somethin
Her auntie told your cousin
Then all your homies jumped in
And now the whole hoods buzzin
He said, she said
Don't let it get in ya head
Baby don't say
Something that you will regret
I'm on your team
It's us against them you'll see
Hey, we ain't gon stop
They just want what we got

The more they talk about our love
The more they make it obvious
The more they seem so envious
How can they talk about our love
When they don't know one thing about
Instead they just runnin they mouth
So all we do is tune them out

I swear they got some nerve
Spreadin what they heard
I cant give them no run
I can't be concerned with all that talk
I won't be involved
That's my word
See I'm not the one
They got me confused
They got me messed up
Don't you think I've had enough
When it comes to what we do
All that matters is us two
Don't pay them no mind
We just gon show and prove


Here's a couple of things I can't honor man
How you listen to a girl who still wanna man
Tell me the truth is that a man or Juwanna Man
I'm wonderin why she red to go like Wanda Van
When we met you was a V like manana man
Now you went field runnin plays like Donavan
Knick nav before you get in a cab
I trade in my cab
Just to take you back to last summer man
You don't remember when you was my sweetest
You don't remember I called you Reeces Pieces
Cause it's no wrong way to do you know what
She turned around giggle said you so nuts
But nowadays we actin way too grown up
But how ya ex girl get that new numba
The rumors was so numerous
For sticking by me I had to give you two thumbs up
And that's why