8 (circle)

Bon Iver

Philosophise your figure
What I have in heaven, hell
You called, I came, stand tall through it all
Fallen fixture just the same thing
Say nothing of my fable, no
What on earth is left to come?
Who's agonised and not through it all
I'm underneath your tongue

I'm standing in your street now, no
And I carry his guitar
And I can't recall it lightly at all
But I know I'm going in

Too much for me to pick up, no
Not sure what forgiveness is
We gather at the squall of it all
I can leave behind a hover

I will run
(All the way round it)
Have to crawl
(Still can't stop it)
Along the fires
One more time just pass me by
Imma make it half the night
All night wishes

To walk beside your favour
I would ask you where it came
I'll keep in a cave, your comfort and all
I'm burning down, you're coming

I will run
(Fill it all, fill all your run, you're running)
Have to crawl
(Carry off and I shall see)
Along the fire
(Carry off your fairly on, your fairy time)
Now, Mona

Baby, I've locked up my failures
(You're on, you're on)
Here and I've been the last to see
See you laugh it off your fingers
Was it all I could find?