Hollywood Tragedy (feat. Shawn Brandon)

Blood On the Dance Floor

My force is something that can't be ignored
My hands are clinching while they're hold your world
Scream about it baby
Make a fist
Your precious fucking world
Won't be missed

Don't forget
Just regret
The person you are
You were nothing
Before you were a star

When you look in the mirror
Baby tell me
What do you see
Is it all you ever wanted
Is it the life
That you dreamed
Oh oh
You just sold out be
Oh oh oh oh
Just another
Hollywood tragedy

You play
The victim
In every situation
I can't take it no more
I've tried again and again
To convince you
In life know that there is so much more

You say
You'll have fame
You'll be at the top
Truth is
It's pointless
No one even
Knows your name
You're too full
Of yourself
To love
Someone else
You compromised
Your entire life
Look what's left
While you're still alive