Unfortunate Son

Blind Pigs

His mother is crying
cause he beat her up
So she locks the door
And she says a prayer
To the god up above
That she doesn't believe in
Secretly wishing
He's never coming back
She's old and tired
But somewhere deep inside
She forgives him and she goes to bed

In the room next to her's
Ivan's son is crying
Happiness they've known is long and dead

Ivan isn't coming home for christmas
He left on a rainy cold night
The candles are all lit in the kitchen
But Ivan isn't coming home tonight

No one could ever understand him
And in his way he was asking for help
But the bottle was his best
and his only friend
The only one that stayed until the end
And no one knows where Ivan can be
No one knows where he's at
For all I know, he's a wandering lost soul
For all I know, he could be dead