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Bug a Boo Roll Call (Interlude) [Homecoming Live]


I'm Bug a Boo Daddy
AKA me, myself
Yo, let's take a group pic, bro, come on, come on, come on

And I
I'm Bug a Boo Up-Grade-You (Cha ching)
Also known as shinin', shinin', shinin', shinin', yeah (Shinin', yeah)

I'm Bug a... I'm Bug a Boo Sweet Dreams
Also known as Blow

I'm Bug a Boo Disappear
Also known as Ave Marie

I'm Bug a Boo Rocket
Also known as "If I Were a Boy"

I'm Bug a Boo We Gotta Work It Out, hey
Also known as we like to party
Hey, hey, hey, let's go, huh

Bug a Boo, huh
All together now

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