Misery And Famine

Bad Religion

proud a history,
replete with sanctity,
orbs in their harmony,
they sing their code to me,
have you ever heard yourself the orbit
that you are in?
the terse, oppressive blanket that's
instilled here by our spin,
it's misery and famine,
it's a force we cannot see,
misery and famine,
it compels us naturally,
misery famine,
great ellipse,
we bend to thee,
misery and famine,
just accept your vagrancy

others who bear no name,
who feel that life's a game,
my verse they will defame,
we suffer all the same,
they pay no regard to their position or their speed,
but the firmament still covers them with
it's malevolent seed,
it's misery and famine....

"you look for meaning in things no one comprehends,
you feel no affinity to the rabble we're in",
sources of inguiry have nothing to portend,
they will perplex us all until the coming end,
a feeling of despair,
hungry and full of care,
we resent everywhere the fortune that we share,
"this earth could be a better place" is a
concept I condone,
given our pathetic course our destiny is known,