Listen now
I'll hip you, hip you now
When I whistle, whistle owl
I'm gonna split you, lift you, get when I hit you
With this smile, I make you make you wow
Now I'm with you, with you now
I can't forget you, get you now

(Verse 1)
Hey, hi, hello, yo, what's up?
My, oh, me, oh boy. What's word, could I call ya?
Of late I'm the one, I'm from New York
My, oh, mi amor
Who told you you could look so good?

Oh, sir, lie next to me
So I can peek at ya before you wake
Oh, my love, my luxury's right here if you want
You want to stay

Let me in your world
You know what I spy?
Spy you looking lonely, ya know boy that's why
I wanna be your lady
Your l-l-l-love, my l-u-x-u-r-,aye ya know what I would
If I could, if I could, if I could


(Verse 2)
Uh, took a trip, took a boat, took three friends
This bitch said it's open season
Mistress been alone and she been
Lookin for some gentlemen
I'm hopin' he been
Fillin when I'm fed up in that roper
He can chill up in that villa for the whole damn weekend
Just coast with her, put your hands on her figure
Now you're gropin' her, gropin' her


(Verse 3)
I swear
I'mma treat ya good, baby, keepin' my air
If you leave me now, babe, it'll be a nightmare
I'mma nick your name and keep you right here
Oh yeah