You Hit The Spot

Atlantic Starr

You hit the spot that turn me on
Boy you turn me on, full power
My wheels are turnin' fast and strong
And there's no way to turn me off

What have you done to my body
Where have you taken my mind
I feel so different
I'm a brand new girl
Uh... boy, your love is "on time"
You have created a monster in me
I want everything you've got and more
Come on, let's do it again, wild and crazy
Then let's see what else you have in store, baby


Son of a gun, you got me
You worked real smooth
I had no choice but to give into your magic touch boy
There was only one way to choose
I'm yours forever
For you my passion is strong as steel
Cause you loved me like the end of the world was coming
You tapped on the sexy side of me for real


Something that you have is magic
Cause you really cast a spell on me
And now I'm all ecstatic
From the way that you love me boy
Look at me, can't you see