fotos de Anitta


Funk, Pop, Funk Carioca



Shine the rest of the stars are watching
You’re awesome you’re unique for all time
Wind your body from the bottom
To your crown you’re a queen you’re divine
That’s my goals
Goals, goals, goals, goals, goals, goals

Don’t be bitter
Hunnie here we are
In the mirror
Yes you just hung up
Insecurity is doing its job
You are special
Baby you’re a one off

Time to start loving you
Shawty loving you
Loving you shawty loving you
Loving you shawty loving you
Loving you shawty loving you

It’s temporary
That’s just how it goes (how it goes)
What I hated, now I love the most (I love the most)
Mother told me don’t let nothing stop me
Cause ain’t no copies
Baby you’re a one-off

Yes you got a right to complain it’s true
But look what you’re gaining move
This message is saving you
You are in his graces too
The world’s entertaining you
Cause they see the day in you
Forget who was playing you
Cause they die in their game too
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