Hermods Ride To Hell (Lokes Treachery Part.1)

Amon Amarth

Ride Sleipnir
Ride for all your worth
Faster then lightning
To the dark realms of the world

Through valleys of darkness
On the way to Nifelheim
To the house of Hel
Where my brother awaits

Wailing voices on the wind
Urging me to turn
Distant torture screams
Cold blue fires burn

I hear the sound of River Gjöll
Running cold and deep
Its golden bridge hangs in the dark
The bridge that Modgunn keeps

Over the bridge, all through the night
Hel is getting near
There are the gates, towering high
Afflicting me with fear

In her hall at the honour seat
My brother sits in pain
Pale and tortured by the
Bound by invisible frozen chains

I am bound to bring him back with me
The whole world mourns his death
Please set brother free
Give him back his breath

If its true, what you say to me
That the whole world mourns his death
If the whole world will weep, I will give him back his life