The Angels Of Genocide

All Out War

Acts of aggression
Atrocities committed on both sides
With no compassion
These are the angels of genocide
Seeking vengeance
They are blinded by their hate
Seeking retribution
Victims of their blind faith
Angels of genocide
Mourn the fallen on both sides
Their end is near
Onto the God who they fear
Mercy killers shall fall
Fallen angels
They wallow in filth
Yet they deny their guilt
They are victims
Victims of their own hate
Planting the seeds of destruction
And the fall of the human race
In defiance
Both launch missiles, bombs, and stones
Extermination bring the world
Straight towards the unknown
Mass escalation
Nations are choosing sides
Into extinction bring the end of mankind
Falling in vengeance
Victims of a holy war
How many lives will be torn
The lines have long been drawn
Straight towards extinction
We await the final fall
Innocent shall choke on filth
In denial
All sides ignore their guilt