Drenched In Defeat

All Out War

Sorrow and drenched in fear
We have to face the truth
The end is here
We are grief stricken
Filth ridden, and bent on hate
Yet the masses won't see it
We ignore our fate
Witness the age of fire
The Kingdom of Fools
Enslaved by liars
Servants are lost in deceit
The slaves to envy
We have been deceived
So, suffer in silence
While drenched in defeat
Bow to the hypocrites
As they corrupt and they deceive
They will show no mercy
In their politics of filth and greed
In these times of torment
We have been deceived
Face the demoniac
And bow in his deceit
For damnation is the wage of sin
Suffer and burn as we lived
We are architects of our own demise
Cursed with our ignorance in apathy
We are left to die
So, suffer in silence
While drenched in defeat