Behind The Crescent And The Cross

All Out War

Abandoned by God
They seek salvation
Through acts of perversion and lust
Holy signs are just symbols of lies
Betrayed by those who they trust
Slow death
As their lives decay
A dying world struggles for breath
Legions of demons rise from their graves
The faithful are praying for death
Bring forth the crooked cross
The house of God has failed
Bring forth the crescent
For this house too has failed
These faiths are dying
For the lives they would not save
Betrayed their prophets condemned
Sealed to rot in their graves
Behind the crescent
And behind the cross
Millions have suffered
And countless lives have been lost
These are slaves of manipulation
Upon their shrines they shall bleed
Perverted and corrupted
The house of God falls to its knees
Death has come to the house of God
Vengeance for the meek
Slaughter the clerics
And destroy the priests
condemned to death
Palaces are burning
As demons attack for the wicked
Nothing is left
Abandoned by their saviors
And abandoned by their lord
In betrayal there is no salvation
The crescent and the cross now fall
Burning on their altars for their crimes
They now shall bleed
Witness retribution
Vengeance for the weak