Lost And Rendered

Alkaline Trio

Found out the hard way that you were lost and rendered
All alone in the dark forest of your thoughts
Forever following a trail of fear that seems to lead
To more dead ends and mysteries IÂ’m losing hope of ever solving
Can anybody hear me? Is anyone out there?
IÂ’ve fallen and IÂ’m broken down, IÂ’m dying over here
If anybodyÂ’s listening, I hope you hear my cries
My will to live is wearing thin, IÂ’m running out of time
Sounding the alarms inside of me
Hoping like hell the sound cuts through the water and the broken trees
And reaches you before the creatures of the nigh
Descend on me no help in sight
WonÂ’t be long before we lose daylight
Take a deep breath, it could be the cure
It could be your last, canÂ’t know for sure
Is it the hate they tried to show?
Is it the love that youÂ’ll never know?
I guess weÂ’ll never know