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Alan Jackson


Blue Blooded Woman

Alan Jackson

Album: Here In The Real World

She loves a violin, I love a fiddle
We go separate ways but we meet in the middle
Don't see eye to eye but we're hand in hand
A blue blooded woman and a redneck man

The lady I love loves silk and satin
She was raised uptown with a silver spoon
Well, I was born on a farm just south of Jackson
We had an old Ford tractor and a country moon

Repeat Chorus

She's Saks Fifth Avenue perfection
Caviar and dignif(E)ied
Well, I live my life in Wal-Mart fashion
And I like my sushi southern fried

Repeat Chorus Twice

She's a blue blooded woman I'm a redneck man

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Album: Super Hits
Gravadora: Arista Nashville
Ano: 1999
Faixa: 5
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