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When All Is Said And Done


Here’s to us
one more toast
and then we’ll pay the bill
deep inside
both of us
can feel the autumn chill
birds of passage
you and me
we fly instinctively
when the summer’s over
and the dark clouds hide the sun
neither you nor I’m to blame
when all is said and done

In our lives
we have walked
some strange and lonely treks
slightly worn
but dignified
and not too old for sex
we’re still striving for the sky
no taste for humble pie
thanks for all your generous love
and thanks for all the fun
neither you nor I’m to blame
when all is said and done

It’s so strange
when you’re down
and lying on the floor
how you rise
shake your head
get up and ask for more
clear-headed and open-eyed
with nothing left untried
standing calmly at the crossroads
no desire to run
there’s no hurry any more
when all is said and done

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The Visitors
Album: The Visitors
Gravadora: Polar Music International AB
Ano: 2001
Faixa: 3
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