Hell (Feat. Santigold)

A$AP Rocky

We use to wear rugged boots, now it's all tailored suits
Audemars Piguets for my criminal recruits
Champagne flutes, bumpin' rhythm and the blues
My partner made bad moves, he might end up in the news
Or end up in the tombs or living in the boondocks
Riding by the rules I'll abide by it soon
See the situation we sophisticated goons
I know you live by the gun then you die by it too
Niggas call me prophecy, swagging and philosophies
White on white wagon, call that motherfucker Socrates
Rat ass niggas, fighting for a block of cheese
Catch me out in China stunting yea I'm about my guapanese
My shoe game serious, so serious, Wapanese
Niggas say I'm blessed my bad I forgot to sneeze (achoo)
There your reasons go bitch
I got some tissues for your issues tell 'em blow this

Get my money, walk straight ahead now
They countin' every day down
Waitin' on me long
You know your way
Where you headin' now
Me I want everything
It won't take me long

Roger, roger, tell em roger that
It’s the gold teeth, French braids, call me Project Pat
With the stocking cap, Jason mask on, probably strapped
It’s the Rocky cat, turn my swag on, holla back
Throw a dollar at a bidd-itch, tell er suck my di-dick
Cuz they hatin on my cli-ddick, cuz we made it when we did it
Hate it cuz they didn’t
My mama always told me keep your mind on your money
Boy you better pay attention
Ride with the pretty nigga, hoopty, no chauffeur
Paint lookin like a drippin smoothy, no coaster
The game's full of posers, big dog bulldozer
Pop up on 'em like toasters, wake 'em up like Folgers
Cuz Heaven need a villain like Hell need a newer idol
You could bet the crib and car, just renew the title
For now I’m po-pimpin' like them Do or Die dudes
Smoking killa but my doors still suicidal

It will hit you on the head
You don’t even gotta hate me now babe
Just as sheeps get led
You could see where I'm going
How you gonna feel now? You know what they say
Really you know that we don’t come how we get down
Everyone, say, "Rocky ahead"
And if you rollin' with A$AP
No, you can’t get it wrong

compositores: Rakim Mayers,Michael Volpe,Santi White