Born a Wise Man

A Wilhelm Scream

On the Acushnet River, when I grew up, cut my teeth on the beach.
The dirty needles in the mud…
Got wasted in Fairhaven every 4th of July, at the fireworks.
On the grass, in the wine.
Well, I was born a wise man, but I've lost my memory.

Keep your eye out for the real thing.
(It's all just "money, money" these days…)
You gotta hold tight to the real thing.
You can search far and wide for the real thing and you'll find…

When you got no one, you got someone in me.

It was the band's first gig at the Exit Club.
Our singer asked 'em to mosh, but nobody was.
Monday at school, he quit the band at lunch.

But you keep your eye out for the real thing.
Stick up for your friends till you die.
You gotta hold tight to the real thing, and with your life.

I've been hurtful, talked my shit.
I've been working' on it
I used to just love nothing'
Oh yeah, I hated everything.

So Lucky. I got the world in my pocket.
Do I remember who I thought I was?

Practiced for weeks, we three, in our parents' basement.
Those looks weren't deceiving.
We were shaken, to the core.

What takes the fire from my eyes will leave me dead to rights.

I was born a wise man.
I've not forgotten everything…

Still committed to forgiving every damned thing.
Still making friends of an enemy.
This ain't no resignation, but your mercy I applaud.
Now, move along.

Keep your eye out for the real thing.
To live the dream we've been working since we were fifteen.
It's a pretty sick job for no pay, and you're right.
There is no one can get it done like us.