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8th Day


It's Shabbos Now

8th Day

Through the oceans and the rivers
Through every single door. no matter what the soldiers said or how the rain would pour. zaidy always kept that smile and wiped our tears away
Nothing could ever bring him down when he'd start to say
It's shabbos now
And we'll sing aye ya yay…… (mah yedidus.) fill your goblets to the top with royal kiddush wine, invite your family and your neighbors it's now your time.
Up winding stairs and broken dreams papa tries to sell a little more, a penny here a penny there, mama cries in clothes she tore. zaidy always kept that smile and wiped her tears away
Soon things will turn around soon we're gonna say, it's shabbos now, and we'll sing…
On a palm beach isle not far from here
They gathered to celebrate
Eighty years, a life of courage through times of senseless hate
Zaidy always kept his smile and wiped our tears away
He promised us there will come a time when we'll always say … it's shabbos now.

Chasing Prophecy
Album: Chasing Prophecy
Gravadora: 14th Terrace Records
Ano: 2011
Faixa: 12
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