Chasing Prophecy

8th Day

Singing singing
Dreaming dreaming
What's that you said about under achieving
Singing singing
Dreaming dreaming
Sometimes it's you that
Needs some believing.
Walk it down to the milk and honey
Don't slow down till you start making money.
Walk it down past the nitty gritty
Don't slow
Down till you rebuild your city.
Chasing your prophecy
Chase chase.
(hebrew translation: don't say I'll do it later, perhaps, it will never happen).
It down the white clouds of glory
Don't slow down till the end of the story.
Grab it down and don't have no pity
Don't slow down till you see your holy
chasing your prophecy
Chase chase.

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Album: Chasing Prophecy
Gravadora: 14th Terrace Records
Ano: 2011
Faixa: 6